580 South St. Southbridge, MA 774-200-5517

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Turbocharged Workouts

Personalized workouts designed for you!

Explore the difference Crush-It CrossFit can make in your routine

Experience the difference Crush-It CrossFit can make in your life. Crush-It CrossFit is a gym wholly dedicated to CrossFit workouts in the Southbridge / Sturbridge, MA area. We have dedicated trainers who create challenging workouts tailored to your fitness level.

Love the results of your workouts

Classes available to fit your busy schedule

We guarantee you'll love the results that cross training workouts offer. Our CrossFit workouts focus on aerobic exercise, gymnastics (body weight exercise), and Olympic weight lifting. Workouts are varied, interesting, fun, and challenging.

If you're unsure about beginning CrossFit, try a FREE class offered on Saturdays. Check our schedule or call us at 774-200-5517.

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